Landen & Ellie Bonus Scene

Three years after the epilogue

“That better not be what I think it is pokin’ in my back,” I grumble, still half-asleep.

“Mm…why don’t you turn around and find out.” His hand slides between my thighs.

Landen’s attempt at morning sex makes me snort.

“That’s how we got in this little predicament in the first place…” I remind him, moving his hand up and over my bigger-than-our-house belly. Or that’s how it feels anyway.

Predicament? You mean my greatest achievement!”

“Your greatest achievement is knockin’ me up?” I slowly spin around in his arms, barely able to move without assistance.

“Damn right,” he says once I’m facing him. His mouth dips, feathering kisses along my neck.  “Aside from gettin’ you, of course. But runner up is plantin’ my seed inside you and—”

“Ooookay, that’s enough talkin’,” I drawl out, moving his lips to mine. Morning breath be damned. His tongue slides against mine, and I moan at how easily he still turns me on after four years of marriage.

“Wait a minute…” He pulls back abruptly. “Did you just shut me up with your mouth?”

“Mm-hmm.” I smirk, and he glares. “Do you wanna pout about it or get laid?” 

He growls at my words, moving a hand underneath my oversized shirt that’s no longer oversized. 

Once our little boy is here, alone time together will be limited and sex will be off the table for several weeks. And although we took a babymoon to Willow Branch Mountain a month ago and spent three nights soaking up our last vacation with just the two of us, Landen has never been good at keeping his hands off me.

A quality I love about him.

His fingers slide into my panties, quickly finding my clit, and the sensation makes me arch my back to get closer. 

“I’m gonna miss these pregnancy hormones,” he muses when I dig my nails into his shoulder, moaning louder at the build-up between my thighs. 

After the first trimester of feeling nauseous and sick every day, the second trimester welcomed me with a nonstop hunger for sex. Even into my third one, I craved him more than I’d ever thought possible. It’s only been the past month that I’ve not felt sexy or confident to initiate intimacy with how big my belly’s grown—amongst other areas of me.

“As if you weren’t gettin’ it five times a week before then,” I scoff, squeezing my eyes when he thrusts two fingers inside me and twists his wrist.

“Sometimes twice a day when you were ovulating…” he teases, brushing his lips over mine. “But I was more than happy to be of service.”

“Good, now be of service and make me come before you gotta go to work.” 

He chuckles. “Yes, ma’am.”

It doesn’t take long before my breathing turns erratic, my arms and legs shake, and my head lolls back. 

“Yes, right there. Don’t stop,” I tell him, clinging onto his bicep. My pulse beats in my ears as the pleasure builds.

“Come on my hand, so I’ll smell you on me all day and can relive this moment,” he murmurs against my neck. “Don’t hold back, baby.”

He circles the pad of his thumb over my clit but when he drives into me deeper, I shatter in his arms and cry out.

“Holy shit, that was intense…” I breathe out, licking my lips and finally opening my eyes.

“That was just your warm-up.”

“Landen,” I whine because I’m still half asleep. 

Since I gave up caffeine after it continued to keep me up at night with a karate-chopping, rain-dancing, Olympic-gymnast baby, I’ve been dragging ass most days. Might also have something to do with being thirty-eight weeks pregnant, but either way, the little sleep I do get isn’t quality sleep.

“Just relax, love. I’m gonna take good care of you,” he promises in between kisses. “Now get on your hands and knees and spread those beautiful thighs.”

“Oh, are we practicin’ for when I give birth?” I snort, and I swear he glowers. 

“I’m tryin’ to be romantic here.” 

“Right, okay. Hands and knees. As soon as I can pull myself up.”

He helps get me into position, pulls off my panties, and shoves my shirt up my spine. All he’s greeted with is a huge belly resting on the bed and a less-than-sexy maternity bra. Since we’re on limited time, I keep them on.

“God, this ass,” he praises and then smacks it. “Had me since the very first day we met in those tiny cutoffs you loved to wear.”

I couldn’t fit into those shorts now if my life depended on it. Even before I got pregnant.

“I knew you were checkin’ me out inappropriately,” I taunt. 

Palming my other cheek, he makes a loud crack against it. “Do ya blame me? Every time you bent over too…” He lets out a whistle.

“Okay you little perv, either fuck me or let me go back to sleep.”

“Jesus Christ…” He bellows out a laugh. 

Looking over my shoulder, I smirk as he strokes his thick shaft. Lean muscles cascade down his chest and abs, greeting me with a happy trail a little thicker than when we first started dating. His arms are still massive from working on the ranch. Rough hands filled with callouses and tan lines under his elbow. He’s all man. 

And all mine.

“You ready, sweetheart?” He lines himself up, and then I feel his tip glide up and down my wet slit.

“Mmhmm…” I spread my legs a bit wider to help me stay balanced. My stomach touches the bed at this angle so I know I can’t arch any lower.

The moment he slides in, I hold my breath and wait for him to fill me. Inch by inch, he goes deeper until he pulls out before thrusting back in.

“Fuck…” He releases a low, deep groan. “So wet and tight for me.”

That’s because our projected ten-pound baby is head down, ready to accept his eviction notice any day now, but I don’t tell him that. The less he pictures his dick poking into our baby’s head the better for the both of us.

“Are you okay?” he asks when my muscles tense. “I’m not hurtin’ you, am I?”

“No, I’m fine. It’s just…very snug in there. Every time you move, I’m ready to explode.”

His chest vibrates with laughter as he leans closer and wraps an arm around to my front. 

“Then let’s get you there, my love. Hold onto the headboard.” 

I do as he says, adjusting my position until I have a firm grip. As soon as his fingers find my clit, I suck in a sharp breath. 

“Oh my God…” I moan, my eyes rolling to the back of my head. With him taking me from behind and my body halfway up with one hand between my thighs and the other gripping my hip, the pleasure is almost too much. 

“Thatta girl. You’re takin’ me so well…” 

“Don’t stop. I’m so close,” I beg, rocking back into him.

He holds me tighter, the build-up intensifying and making it harder to hang on.

Landen kisses my neck, then sucks under my ear. “Wait for me, baby.”

“I-I can’t…I’m right there.” 

Muscles tighten and my thighs shake. His movements become frantic, and I know he’s close, too.

“That’s it…let go. Fall with me.”

And I do. The explosion shoots down my spine as he releases inside me and an earth-shattering orgasm rips through the rest of me.

“Mm…such a good girl givin’ me exactly what I wanted,” he murmurs in my ear, holding me up when I nearly collapse face-first on the bed. 

“I can’t feel my limbs,” I whine, and he chuckles.

His facial hair scratches my cheek as he curls his fingers around my face and plants a kiss on my mouth. “Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

He helps me off the bed and leads me to the bathroom.

I love that after all this time together, he’s still obsessed with me, which is how I got pregnant the first month we officially started trying. It was Valentine’s Day when the ovulation test showed positive for the first time since I got off birth control and then four weeks later we got a positive pregnancy test. 

After my second consecutive year winning the championship at the NFR in Vegas, we talked about starting a family. I was shocked at how quickly it happened after being on the pill for years. Though we did have sex every single day, sometimes twice, before and during my ovulation period.

Landen claimed it was his mega-fast swimmers, but I roll my eyes anytime he mentions it. I read that it’s quite common to get pregnant right after getting off birth control and it can even increase your chances of having twins.

Considering multiples run in his family, I held my breath until we had our first ultrasound and made the tech swear on her life there was only one baby inside me.

It’s one thing to be a pregnant pro barrel racer and riding, but if I were having twins, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable getting on a horse at all with the increased risk. I stopped riding Ranger when I was four months along and have been helping Landen train with his 4-H club and anything else anyone let me do. I spent hours reading baby books, picking out things for the nursery, and trying to stay as active as my body allowed. Mrs. Hollis and Gramma Grace continued to teach me how to cook and bake. And I started a baby scrapbook so we can record all his milestones and pictures.

It’s been a wild and fun journey so far.

“Don’t forget my doctor’s appointment is this afternoon,” I tell him.

“I won’t. I’ll be here to pick you up at 12:30.” He moves a warm washcloth between my legs and the water leaks down my leg.

“Did you forget to squeeze it out or somethin’?” I ask him as more drips on my foot.


Looking down, I see more water. Not a lot, just enough to know it’s not from the washcloth. 

“Maybe I peed myself.” 

“Did your water break?” he asks, kneeling as if he wants to check up there for himself.

I quickly cross my legs and cover myself with my hands, nervously laughing. “Stop lookin’.”

“I’ve seen and licked every inch of your pussy, Ellie. Gonna watch a baby come outta there soon, too.” He stands, and I wrinkle my nose at the imagery. 

“Maybe we should call the doctor and see if they can see you sooner.”

“It’s probably your cum leakin’ outta me,” I tell him. 

“Should I taste it to be sure?” He waggles his brows.

I snort, pushing against his chest as he comes in for a kiss. “Get ready for work so you can get done on time and we aren’t late.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He winks, then tilts up my chin to press his lips to mine. “But if you need me before then, call or text.”

He goes into the shower, and instead of going back to bed, I make him a latte. When we built our house, we put in a nice coffee bar that I’ve not been able to use, so I make them for Landen instead.

Just as I finish frothing the milk for his latte, a sharp pain stabs me in the back.

“Shit…what the fuck was that?” I press a hand to the spot and exhale slowly. 

I’ve read all about Braxton-Hicks and how it’s basically pre-labor. It’s supposed to prepare your body but fuck that came out of nowhere.



Leave it to my wife to finish making my coffee and wait until I’m nearly out the door before telling me she’s experiencing some back pain.

I should’ve known by the look on her face but she reassured me she was fine. It wasn’t until I put on my second boot and saw she was curled over and groaning that she finally confessed.

“I’m scared…” she mutters when I buckle her into the truck.

Cupping her face, I kiss her lips. “Everything’s gonna be fine. I’ll be by your side the entire time. You can do this. You’re a world champ pro barrel racer. There’s nothin’ you can’t do.”

She holds her belly. “Except maybe give birth to a mammoth of a child.” 

Chuckling under my breath, I dip down and press my lips to her forehead. “You’ve got this, my love. Be right back, gonna grab your hospital bag.”

It’s a thirty-minute drive before I pull up to the ER entrance. Once they got her in a room and hooked up to the machines, they confirmed she was in early labor. Since it’s only two weeks before her estimated due date, she’s still considered full term, but Ellie hoped to have more time.

“He just wanted to come before Thanksgiving to enjoy the turkey and potatoes,” I taunt.

Her head falls back on the pillows. “But we haven’t finalized a name.”

The nurse walks in and smiles when she overhears us. “You have several more hours before he’ll be here, so no time like the present.”

“Do other couples come in without having names picked out?” Ellie asks her.

“Oh, sweetheart. I’ve had couples nearly discharged three days after a C-section and still haven’t filled out the paperwork with the child’s name.”

“There’s three I like and he likes them all, so now I’m stuck at which one I like best,” she says.

I don’t chime in because keeping Ellie occupied and talking is keeping her mind off the incoming contractions.

“You gotta practice screamin’ their name and how easily it rolls off the tongue,” the nurse explains. “Bentley Michael, get your ass in this house!” 

The nurse randomly bursting out has me cackling.

“See? Flows nicely.” She grins. 

Ellie giggles, holding her belly. “Is that your son’s name?”

“One of them. I’ve got four.”

“Holy shit,” I murmur. “My parents had four boys and a girl. Started with twin boys. It was pure chaos, still is at times.”

“So it probably got easier from there,” the nurse says, chuckling.

“I want Landen or Michael as the middle name for my husband…” Ellie explains, looking at me. “But it depends on what goes with the first name, and for whatever reason, I just can’t decide.”

“Some parents choose to wait until the baby comes and see what he looks like,” the nurse suggests. “What’re your contenders?”

“Hunter, Stetson, and Wyatt.”

“Good strong names. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them.” The nurse smiles and pats Ellie’s hand. “I’ll be back to check on you shortly. When the doctor arrives, he’ll check how many centimeters you’re dilated.”

Once the sun’s fully up, I call my family and Ellie calls her parents. I tell mine not to come up until later since it could take hours, but Ellie asks her parents to come right away.

Mrs. Donovan sits across from me on the other side of the bed and we take turns getting our hands squeezed as the contractions become more intense. Although we’ve had nine months to mentally and physically prepare, my head is finally coming to terms that I’m about to be a father. Our baby will be here in a matter of hours, and we’ll have a son.

“You’re doin’ great, my love,” I tell Ellie, rubbing a cold washcloth over her forehead. She’s gone through several cups of ice chips and is still sweating. And has thrown a few choice curse words at me for it being my fault the baby is huge, but I’ve not taken them to heart.

Even though she chose not to get an epidural, she begs for one now, but the nurse tells her it’s too late. She’s almost ten centimeters.

“I can’t…there’s no way it’s comin’ outta me without meds.” Ellie’s head falls back against the pillow.

I feel helpless, wishing I could help her besides the words of encouragement. She hasn’t even started pushing and she’s already so exhausted. 

“We’ve given you everythin’ we can,” the nurse explains. “Just breathe and try to relax until it’s time, okay?”

“Yeah, sure…” Ellie huffs, and then she turns toward me. “Quick, trade places with me,” she begs when I clasp her hand in mine and kiss her knuckles.

I chuckle under my breath. “I would in a heartbeat if I could, sweetheart. But remember, you’re a two-time NFR champion, I have no doubt you’ve got this. You’re stronger than you think.”

When it’s time, Mr. Donovan steps out into the waiting room and the nurse instructs me and Mrs. Donovan to each hold up her leg.

“I love you, sweetheart. You can do this,” I remind her.

My tough, brilliant, feisty wife gave it her all and more and delivered our perfect baby boy within thirty minutes of pushing.

“I’m so proud of you,” I whisper, kissing the top of her head and feeling all the emotions pour out of me. “Thank you for giving us a son.”

We stare at our baby boy in her arms with tears in our eyes. 

Her parents left to give us some privacy and we have yet to decide on his name.

“He doesn’t look like any of the ones we picked…” She sniffles.

“Really?” I ask, but honestly, he’s all squishy skin and chubby cheeks. He’s less than an hour old so it’s hard to tell what he looks like.

She glances up at me with wet cheeks and sucks in her lower lip. “He looks like a Tucker.”

My heart pounds at the name of my childhood best friend. I nod as I choke out, “He does.”

Leaning down, I press my lips to hers. 

“What if we gave him my dad’s name for his middle?” she asks.

“I love that idea. Tucker James Hollis. We can call him TJ for short.”

Although her dad goes by Jamie, I think he’ll still appreciate it.

She beams, nodding. “I love it.”

“Should we do the scream test just to be sure?” I tease. “Tucker James! Get off that horse right now before you break your arm!” I whisper-shout.

Ellie bursts out cackling, then quickly covers her mouth so she doesn’t wake him up. “You have no idea how much it hurts to laugh right now, but oh my God…it fits him perfectly already.”

I wrap my arm around her shoulders, pressing another kiss to her cheek. “He’s so precious. Is it too soon to say he’ll need a little sister?”

“If you want your dick to remain intact you’ll retract that question.”

I quickly cover Tucker’s ears. “Hey, language.”

Ellie rolls her eyes. “As if his uncle’s won’t teach him cuss words.”

I snort, nodding. “True.”

“Well…should we send his photo so they stop blowin’ up your phone?” she asks, nodding toward my pocket.

I called my parents earlier and sent them photos. They should be here any minute now. But I’ve yet to show my siblings.

Ellie’s parents met and held him already but went home to get some rest after being here all day. They’ll be back tomorrow.

“Yeah, I’ll put them outta their misery now.” I chuckle.

I’ve already taken dozens of photos of him, but pick one from right after he was born, and send it to my sibling’s group chat.

Landen: Everyone meet Tucker James Hollis. 10 pounds, 5 oz. And 22 inches long.

Yeah, he’s a big boy.

Noah: I love his name and he’s so dang cute, but OH MY GOD! Ellie’s so tiny…how did she push that out??

Tripp: Aww he’s a cutie! Congrats, new Mom & Dad.

Waylon: Get him into football stat! A tight end was just born.

Wilder: Look at that hunk! Looks just like his favorite uncle.

Tripp: Yeah, he does kinda look like me.

Noah: Poppy and Tristan can’t wait to meet their new cousin!

Waylon: When can we come up?

I show Ellie and ask when she’d be up for company. Once she confirms, I reply.

Landen: Anytime. We’ll be here through tomorrow afternoon.

Noah: I’m coming now with Fisher and the kids!!

Wilder: We’re coming, too.

Waylon: Us, three.

Tripp: Magnolia and I will swing by shortly with Willow and Laken, too.

“Well, get ready for a Hollis family party,” I tell Ellie. “They’re all comin’ up.”

“That’s fine. The more the merrier, right Tucker?” She rubs his little cheek and his mouth moves, seeking out the touch. “I think he’s hungry.” 

“Want me to get the nurse to help or—”

“Um…I wanna try on my own first.” 

We researched breastfeeding a lot during her pregnancy and she got plenty of advice from Magnolia and Noah, but I know she’s nervous about it.

She lowers her gown and repositions Tucker until he seeks out her nipple, latching on.

“Ooh, he’s sucking…I think?” she whispers.

I dip down and look, watching his little lips move. Chuckling, I nod. “He’s got a good grip on ya.”

“Yeah, it feels…weird.”

“Weirder than when I do it?” I waggle my brows and she elbows me with her free arm. “Your tits are massive by the way.”

“They’re uncomfortably huge, so don’t get any ideas.” 

I hold up my hands, smirking. “I’d never. I will just admire from afar.”

After five minutes, Ellie repositions him to her other side and he continues eating.

“I have a feelin’ he’s gonna eat nonstop. I basically gave birth to a toddler.”

“Shoulda knew the risk when you fell for me.” I smack my rock-hard abs. “Hollis boys eat a lot.”

“Yeah well, I smacked my head and forgot you were the bane of my existence.” 

“And I made ya fall in love with me anyway,” I gloat.

The corner of her lips tilt up, all humor gone as she looks up at me with those bright blue eyes I fell for over four years ago and says, “Best decision I ever made.”



So much has changed in the past three months since giving birth. 

It finally feels like we’re getting into a routine that allows me to take a shower more than twice a week, and I actually get to eat dinner with my husband even if it’s just for twenty minutes.

Thanksgiving and Christmas kept us busy in between around-the-clock feedings and diaper changes. Since Tucker was born in the off-breeding season, Landen took a few weeks off work to stay home with us. I’d never been so exhausted in my life during those first couple of months, but I like to think we’re getting the hang of things now.

Landen goes to work at seven and is home before dinner, which is nice. He stops in for lunch around noon, and then once Tucker has his eight o’clock feeding, we put him to bed and spend time cleaning up the house or sitting on the couch together to talk for a bit. 

Tucker currently sleeps until midnight and then gets back up again at five, which is when Landen gets up to feed and change him. He puts him back in the bassinet next to my side of the bed, kisses me goodbye, and then I sleep for another couple hours before Tucker’s up again. 

As much as I miss riding and racing, motherhood is the biggest win I’ll ever experience. We introduced Ranger to Tucker when he was a few weeks old and Landen’s already excited for when he can take him on horseback rides.

Between all the other Hollis cousins, there’s no doubt they’ll be taking over the ranch as they get older. We still meet up every Sunday night for supper, albeit it’s a bit more cramped in the Hollis house, but I love it. My parents come over on Saturdays to visit and have lunch with us. Being an only child means Tucker’s their first grandchild and there’s no doubt they’re going to spoil him.

But I don’t mind.

If being surrounded by a loving family is spoiling him, then I’m all for it.

But tonight, I have a surprise for Landen when he comes home from work that doesn’t include changing diapers or cleaning up.

“Ellie?” Landen calls out from the entryway.

He’s probably wondering why he doesn’t hear any music or the TV or why there’s no burning smell coming from the kitchen.

I’m still learning to cook.

“In here…” I shout from the bedroom.

It’s been twelve weeks since I’ve made love to my husband and even though I was cleared at my six-week appointment for light activity, we’ve both been too busy and tired to make an effort to be intimate. 

Well, tonight that changes.

I hear him remove his boots and jacket before walking down the hall. Butterflies invade my stomach as I anxiously wait in the middle of the bed in a white lingerie set. The lacy V goes in between my breasts with a cute bow and the slit at the hem goes up mid-thigh.

Deciding to make it a bit more romantic, I lit a few candles on the dresser and dimmed the lights.

“Everything okay?” He pauses at the doorway, taking in the scene. “Holy shit.”

His eyes widen as they gaze up and down my body. 

“Fuck me. You look so sexy in that…” He steps forward but abruptly stops before meeting me on the bed. “Shit, let me shower quickly. Do. Not. Move.” 

He races to the master bathroom, and I laugh at how fast he undresses. 

“Where’s Tucker?” he shouts from the shower.

“Stayin’ with your parents tonight,” I tell him. 

It’s the first time he’s sleeping overnight somewhere else and while I had a mini panic attack about it, I trust them. I pumped milk in between his feedings all week to save up so they’d have enough.

Landen and I need this time to reconnect. 

But just in case I needed reassurance, I asked them to plug in his baby monitor camera so I could still see him while he’s sleeping.

“We get the whole night?” he asks excitedly.

“Yep! Well…dependin’ how long we can stay awake.”

“Oh baby, I’m takin’ full advantage. We’ve got a lot of makin’ up to do…”

He’s not wrong about that. 

Coming up with an idea, I grab his cowboy hat from the other room and put it on my head before returning to the bed.

Less than seven minutes later, he enters the bedroom, halfway dried off.

I take him in, all six-foot-two with lean muscles and a semi-hard cock.

He smirks when he sees my new addition. “Howdy, ma’am. Looks like you need some entertainin’ tonight.”

“I could handle some company. Whatcha gonna offer me?”

“A bad Magic Mike routine or I’ll let ya ride me for eight seconds like the mechanical bull.” He does a little dance impression of him roping on a horse. “Yeehaw!”

I snort at him doing it buck ass naked. “You’re ridiculous.”

“All yours, baby.” He glides his palm down his bare chest and abs before he strokes himself twice. “All for you.”

“Let’s start with you takin’ off my panties.” 

“Yes, ma’am,” he drawls, nodding once.

Sliding further up on the bed, I remove the cowboy hat so I can lie down. He kneels between my legs and tilts my chin with two fingers until our gazes meet.

“You’re beautiful, sweetheart. So fuckin’ perfect.”

Tears well in my eyes at how heartfelt his words come out. After gaining fifty-five pounds during my pregnancy, I felt less than sexy after giving birth. I’ve lost about thirty so far, but I swear, the other twenty-five is hiding out in my lower half.

I was no stranger to ice cream, pizza, and late-night extra buttery popcorn once I got my appetite back in the second trimester.

“Even though my ass is twice the size?” 

He dips his mouth to mine, slowly caressing my lips and swiping his tongue along my bottom one. 

“Every inch of you, Ellie. I love everything about you. Your luscious ass is just a bonus.”

He towers over me, and I slide beneath him, caging his body between my thighs. As he continues kissing me, his hands explore underneath my nightie and thong.

Easily finding my center, he groans as he feels how smooth I am. That was a whole adventure trying to shave after letting it go for weeks. Pretty sure I pulled a leg muscle trying to hoist my foot up on the bathroom countertop so I could check to make sure I got it all.

“Fuck, you’re so wet and needy for me already.”

Arching my back, I spread my legs wider to give him full access. I know he’ll want to take his time and devour me properly, but I’m ready to feel him inside me after waiting all this time.

“Let me touch you,” I tell him. 

He repositions himself on his knees so I can wrap my hand around his thick erection. His hand lolls back and instead of breaking the contact to grab lube, I lean up higher and spit on it.

His gaze whips to mine. “Did you just—” 

“Mm-hmm. I want you, now.”

“Say no more.” 

He helps me out of my panties and nightie, then positions himself between my legs.

“It might hurt the first time after giving birth,” he reminds me. It’s something we read about in a book. “Tell me if I am, okay?”

“I will…but I’ll be fine. I shoved a ten-pound baby outta there without an epidural. I’m sure I can take you.”

With a grin, he slowly rubs the tip of his cock up and down my wet slit, focusing a few extra seconds circling my clit. When I lift my hips, he thrusts inside.

“Ah fuck,” he groans out. “You’re so tight.”

My hands wrap around his waist, pulling him toward me.

“All the way in,” I tell him. 

I’d rather get through the discomfort as quickly as possible.

“I don’t wanna cause you any pain…”

With my ankles crossed behind him, I close the gap between us.

“Ellie, fuck!” He nearly falls down on top of me but catches himself.

Giggling, I squirm beneath him. “Much better. There’s no pain, I promise.”

He slowly draws out, my arousal making it easy for him to glide back in.

“You’re sure it feels okay?” he asks.

“Yes, it’s so good. Go faster.”

And he does.

With one hand under my ass perching me up into him, and the other around my throat, he drills into me over and over. I can hardly contain the sounds coming out of my mouth, between moaning and screaming, I’m barely able to breathe.

“Jesus Christ, baby. We needed this,” he murmurs in my ear. “It feels like fuckin’ heaven.”

“Don’t stop whatever you do,” I beg. “I’m so close.”

“I’ll give you anything you want as long as you let me eat your pussy later,” he counters.


It doesn’t take much longer before the friction of our bodies creates the perfect explosion, and I’m unraveling around him. As soon as my muscles squeeze his shaft, he’s releasing inside me.

“Shit, were we supposed to use a condom?” He rests his forehead against mine, breathing hard.

“Only if you don’t want me to get pregnant.”

He pulls back with wide eyes, and I burst out laughing.

“That’s what you get for waiting until after to ask me.”

“You literally shoved my dick inside you before I could even think to ask…”

I snort at how easily it is to rile him up. “Relax. I went on the pill, remember?”

“Okay, whew. As much as I love our son, I miss sleepin’ through the night.”

Considering he works all day at the ranch, I know how important sleep is for him, but he’s insistent on getting up with me when the baby does.

He really is a great partner and father.

“You and me both,” I say in a yawn.

He kisses the tip of my nose before sliding out of me and walking to the bathroom. When he returns with a washcloth a moment later, he carefully cleans between my legs, and I groan at the contact.

He lifts a brow. “Sore?”

“Yeah, just a little.” I shrug.

Once we’re both cleaned, he gets us both underneath the covers and then pulls me into his chest. 

“This was a really sweet surprise to come home to. That white dress piece looked so damn hot on you.”

I look up to meet his gaze, contemplating if I should tell him the truth or not. “I borrowed it from your sister.”

His smile drops. “Please tell me you’re kiddin’.”

I squeeze my lips, holding back laughter. 


Shrugging, I add, “I didn’t have time to go to a store. Noah said she had some old ones she doesn’t wear anymore so it seemed harmless.”

He pinches the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. “I’m removing that information from my brain. You never told me. We never talked about it.”

Chuckling, I sit up and straddle his lap. “You can take me to get some new pieces then.”

He peeks one eye open and then the second. “Fine, but it can’t be white.”

“You’re such a baby.”

Without responding, he tickles my sides until I’m in a fit of giggles, and then flips us over until I’m underneath him.

“Just kiddin’. I’ll buy you whatever you want.” He kisses along my neck.

“Aww…you’d do that for me?” I tease. 

“As long as I get to tear it off you with my teeth.”

I flick him, and he barks out a laugh before pressing a tender kiss to my forehead.

“I think I’ve proven it enough to you by now, Ellie Hollis.” He brings his lips to mine, pressing softly. “I’d literally do anything for you.”

And I know he would because this man, my husband and father of our child, loves me more than I can comprehend some days. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming, I don’t know how to respond or reciprocate that love, but I know without a doubt, picking Landen Hollis to be mine was the best thing I ever did.


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