Here With Me

A brand new small town romance by Brooke Cumberland now writing as Brooke Montgomery.

From small town romance author, Brooke Montgomery, comes a family saga series based in the fictional town of Sugarland Creek set in the Mountains of East Tennessee. 

As the youngest and only daughter in the Hollis family, she’s expected to keep her brothers in line. What happens when she’s the one breaking the rules?

Get ready for:

✔️ Ex-boyfriend’s dad
✔️ Grumpy x Sunshine
✔️ 20+ year age gap
✔️ Small town ranch life
✔️ Secret relationship
✔️ Opposites attract
✔️ Workplace forbidden vibes
✔️ Family saga series

Here With Me Book Description:

An age gap, grumpy x sunshine stand-alone romance from small town romance author Brooke Montgomery about a daring horse trainer and her off-limits ex-boyfriend’s dad…

I shouldn’t want him.

Fisher’s the new farrier on my family’s horse ranch.
He’s twice my age and workplace relationships are off-limits.
He also happens to be my ex-boyfriend’s dad.

As a show horse trainer, I put my life on the line each time I saddle up. 
When a trick gone wrong nearly ends my career, he’s the one who helps me in my recovery.

We’re complete opposites.
He’s quiet and reserved.
I’m loud and a thrill-seeker.

Regardless, the bond we build is undeniable, but it’s not so simple.
He’s a broken man trying to mend his relationship with his son.
Getting involved would destroy everything.

To avoid that, we instate a no-touching rule.
No side glances or flirty texts.
Definitely no sneaking around in the tack room.

But one moment changes everything.
And we break them all.

Here With Me is book 1 in the Sugarland Creek series. Contains 20+ year age gap, ex-boyfriend’s dad, workplace romance, opposites attract, secret relationship, and grumpy/sunshine vibes.
Each book in the series is a standalone and ends in an happily ever after.

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