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If you learn anything about me, you should know that I’m an introvert. I will do anything possible to avoid leaving my house and socializing with strangers, i.e. running errands and adulting. I’m very much a “if I can get it delivered or do a pick up, then I will” kind of girly. Working from home is already isolating but being an author and the added loneliness that can bring, I’ve learned over the years to function on very little socialization outside of internet connections. Some would hate it, but I don’t mind it most days. I love being home with my husband, daughter, and four dogs. However…all of this to say, I did THREE major things yesterday for my publishing career—outside of the house—and I’m excited to talk about it!

First, I finalized the paperwork for my business. “Brooke Writes Romance, LLC” is my new publishing company and any pen names I create will start with “Brooke” but will have various surnames for when I decide to branch out into different subgenres, which is why most of my socials and website are “Brooke Writes Romance.” You’ll always know where to find me no matter which name I’m writing under.

Then, like any responsible company owner, I opened a new business checking account and got my own PO Box. So I guess that makes it official! 🙌🏻

For the behind the scenes stuff, I’ve been writing, making marketing plans, and setting editing and narrator dates. I’m so excited to have my audiobooks release at the same time as the eBook. I’ve also booked foreign translators for German and Italian, and working on more for the future. Basically, a lot of pre-publishing stuff that readers don’t see but is still fun for me to do. I’m the type who needs deadlines to stay on schedule, so it helps to make lists and form a plan on how and when I can check them off. I don’t like to rush things if I can help it, so for 2023, I set realistic goals and am slowing down so I don’t form more unhealthy habits.

But I’m also here to talk some more about my upcoming series, Sugarland Creek! I’m so excited to be in this world and new family. I’ve written over 20 small town romance books just in the past few years and it’s something I always gravitate toward. Growing up, my parents split when I was 10 and my mom moved to a small town about 15 minutes away with a population of 1,002 people. A bunch of farms surrounded it and the community was very big into 4-H and showing animals. I ended up going to school in that small town from 6th grade through graduation. One thing that always made me laugh was how the high school parking lot was filled with farm trucks and old rusty pickups. Some of the kids had to do chores before school even started for the day and although I didn’t live on a farm, I did get a horse when I was 12. I’d always loved riding and having my own horse was special to me—though I most definitely did not do chores before school started. He was an Arabian named Cody and he loved carrots 🙂

So it should come as no surprise that I focused the Sugarland Creek series around the Hollis’ horse ranch and equine retreat. The series will contain 5 books + a prequel and maybe…a novella at the very end for a side character you see throughout the series. She’s 11 when it starts so by the time it ends and a convenient time jump, she’ll be an adult who can finally get her HEA. The prequel, Come With Me will release this summer in eBook & audio formats and will be FREE to anyone who signs up for my newsletter list. This book follows ranch hand, Ayden Carson and his high school sweetheart, Laney Bennett in their second-chance romance and him finding out a big revelation. You’ll get a glimpse of the Hollis siblings, the ranch setting, and more.

Book #1, Here With Me will release September 6th!

Here With Me follows Noah Hollis, the youngest of the siblings and only girl, and her ex-boyfriend’s dad, Fisher Rylie. They’re 22 years apart, there’s grumpy/sunshine vibes, and it’s definitely forbidden. Noah’s the family’s elite horse trainer and works with show horses. Fisher is the ranch’s new farrier. So we have a workplace romance mixed in there, too.

But Noah and Fisher aren’t the only stars of their book because there are four older Hollis brothers, a preteen cousin, and two lovey dovey parents who also have their moments in the spotlight. Together, with the help of several employees, they run the Sugarland Creek Ranch and Equine Retreat, which hosts up to 20 guests at a time. There’s trail riding, riding lessons, hiking, biking, square dancing, family game nights, ranch tours, swimming, and of course, bonfires with s’mores. This setting is based loosely off a local Tennessee “dude ranch” where I added my own fun twists. The Hollis’ ranch offers boarding and has a breeding business plus the retreat, so there is always work to be done!

So there’s where I am for now! Busy writing, getting all the pieces put in order behind the scenes, and gearing up for a late summer release. If you’re interested in pre-ordering or signing up for ARCs or promo, click on the links below.

Until next time,

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Happy Saturday!!

How is everyone doing? What`s everyone reading? How`s the weather by you? Are you watching any good shows?

I`m excited to be working on edits for Here With Me because you`ll be able to read chapter 1 at the end of the prequel that`s coming June 13th! All of my beta readers and editor have a girl crush on the FMC`s bestie, Kinsley which makes me incredibly happy because she`s getting her own story, too! 😍

It`s mid 80s today in Wisconsin and perfect outside working weather. My dogs love to play and chase each other and when I`m not breaking up their fighting, they`re stealing shoes and clothes from the house to drag outside 🙄

I just binge-watched Sex/Life season 2 the other night and it was so good! Now I just need to finish the final season of Manifest and I want to watch the docuseries "Shiny Happy People." So I might start one of those later once I get some more work done.

I hope whatever you`re doing, you have a great weekend! 💕

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COME WITH ME is coming June 13th in eBook with audio to follow a week later 💙 This will be FREE to all my newsletter subscribers, so make sure to sign up via the l!nk in my bI0!

You’ll enjoy Come With Me if you love:
✔️ Second chance romance
✔️ High school sweethearts
✔️ Secret child
✔️ Family drama
✔️ Small town ranch life
✔️ Family saga series

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Shouldn’t Want You is a forbidden romance with tons of angst. And the perfect weekend read.

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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When it’s write in your car season 😆 Psst: zoom in for spicy content

Here With Me releases Sept. 6th! Can’t wait for y’all to meet Noah & Fisher 💚

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